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i like the stars how they play across my particular sky spreading out the night between my land and my dreams Advertisements

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Made-Of-Awesome Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy. Boil some eggs. Cut ’em in half. Mix up their insides with some mayo, some mustard, some salt and pepper. Scoop up the mix and stuff it back into the halved whites, which now serve as

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Blogworthy pasta

It’s a testament to this pasta’s deliciousness that I have eaten all of it within 2 days of making it, am mourning that I have already enjoyed its last bites, and ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the

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Superbly Scrumptious Saturday

I work six days a week, so I often find myself spending Saturdays, my day off, in respite. “Respite” often means lying in my bed marathoning my favorite YouTube channels with my cat. I can be very lazy. Having recently

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Write Now

I don’t have any art on my walls right now, so I end up hanging sometimes odd things instead. I live in a very small room in a lovely house in southwest Fort Collins, Colorado, one of the most beautiful

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