Superbly Scrumptious Saturday


The best chocolate chip cookies. Ever.

I work six days a week, so I often find myself spending Saturdays, my day off, in respite. “Respite” often means lying in my bed marathoning my favorite YouTube channels with my cat. I can be very lazy.

Having recently registered for the Boulder Diva Dash in early May, I know I need to start DOING more. Exercising more, being more active, getting into better shape and living more healthfully. So this past Saturday I got out of bed.

I didn’t do much in terms of being out and active; it was snowing and I bike everywhere so snow kinda sucks. But I had to go to the bank and get SOME groceries, and I’ve been getting into the habit of making some kind of baked good to bring with me to the co-op on Sundays. Our velonteers are great people and they willingly and generously donate their time to keep the co-op up and running. Everyone works so tremendously hard and I SO appreciate them all. So I try to bring treats.

Also, I love deviled eggs and as a friend once told me, “Dondi, anyone who doesn’t love deviled eggs isn’t your friend.” He meant it jokingly but really, who doesn’t love deviled eggs? And there is this cookie recipe from Serious Eats’ Food Lab I have been yearning for a reason to try out in my kitchen. Also, I had to feed myself, and I wanted to make a big enough batch of something to last a few meals.

So I ended up buying more stuff at Safeway than I could take home without it being a precarious ordeal. I also ended up with a blogworthy pasta dish recipe, some damned good deviled eggs and a few dozen GREAT chocolate chip cookies.


World’s best chocolate chip cookies, from my humble kitchen. Yeah, man. Just…yeah!

I am posting the deviled egg formulation here, as well as the pasta recipe. You can get the cookie recipe here.


I'm a writer living in Northern Colorado. I also help run the front of the house for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. I have two cool roommates and a snorey cat. I love my life.

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