The wind this morning seems to want to throw off the world, rip the houses from their foundations and tear asunder anything and everything it can. Its grip held me close as I pedaled home this morning, and I enjoyed a brief tailwind. Upon my arrival my cat made clear her unhappiness with my being gone the night before, mewling as though she’d been neglected for months. I suppose perhaps it feels that way in kitty time. She lies beside me now, claws casually pricking my jeans in an assertion of possession. Cookies are cooling on the counter, and I am already enjoying the anticipation of their hearty reception later when I bring them to work. My Monday crew doesn’t see treats as often as they should, and are long overdue for a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies. Anything that starts out with a half pound of browned butter can’t go wrong. The frozen-dried and dead tomato plant outside rattles incessantly, and I keep thinking I need to cut that thing down. It’s not really mine, but I doubt my roommate would mind and it would ready our garden properly for spring planting. Perhaps another day.


I'm a writer living in Northern Colorado. I also help run the front of the house for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. I have two cool roommates and a snorey cat. I love my life.

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