All Is Well

…seemed about the right time for a new post…

All is well, folks. It really is. It doesn’t need any time or anything to happen. The Universe is rolling along exactly as it is supposed to be, and all is well.

Here in the US, we recently elected a misogynistic sociopath as our President. My friends around the world are aghast. In my heart of hearts this election is deeply troubling to me, but ultimately I know it’s happening exactly the way it is supposed to.

In recovery and in life, one of the things I have found truest is that I am at my greatest peace when I take my sticky little fingers off the steering wheel and remember that I’m not driving this bus. (For which, truly, we should all be quite grateful.) I’m just along for the ride. This bus is being driven by a power so much greater than myself. It’s being driven by the energy of the Universe, the fundamental soul-connections that exist between us all. Between you and me. Between me and Trump. Between me and ISIS leaders. Between you and Latino kindergartners and Caucasian adolescents, between black and white and yellow and red and blue and all colors of sentient beings. We are the stuff that makes this happen, and we will continue to fire the Universe and it will continue to progress EXACTLY as it is meant to. There is no magic to this, and yet it is absolutely magical.

No matter who the President is or whether I voted or not for that person, regardless of politicians in offices elected, appointed and bought, I still get to go to work tomorrow and in doing so, help out my community. Maybe I’ll get to wrench a little on one of the kids’ bikes we’re building for Bikes for Tykes. Maybe I’ll get to give a bicycle to a homeless person, or someone in the halfway house who doesn’t have any other way to get around town. Maybe I’ll get to make someone happy, help someone smile. Maybe I’ll get to hang out with the best volunteer crew on the planet, and sit back and be amazed and overjoyed at how incredible our small staff is.

Maybe I’ll write a new article and get some people thinking. Maybe I’ll make sure our home is insulated properly for the winter -one of my responsibilities as our residential manager- or tidy up the last dregs of the garden before winter hits for real. Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride and feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair for one of the last rides of the season. Maybe I’ll bake down stuff for the Co-op, for Jake, for his daughter Seraphim, who arrives on Sunday. Maybe I’ll get sucked into Reddit and social media for awhile. Maybe I’ll work on one of the novels. The possibilities are virtually endless.

I do know some things I will not do.

I will not engage in hate and vitriol. I may challenge or debate but my curiosity isn’t baseless and neither will be my arguments.

I will not condemn people with views that differ from my own. I am friends with an extremely diverse group of people in the world and I appreciate all of their ideas and curiosities. I’m grateful for them all.

I will not sit idly by. While joining protests has never been really a big part of my life, I will continue to write and read and listen. I will continue to learn and grow. I will not become stagnant.

I will not tolerate acts of hate or violence. I’m not the most confrontational person but if I see any harassment or violence in my community I will do anything I must to stop it.

I will not give up on love. Love is everything, and we are all love. Sometimes, I think, we forget that, and the stranger angels of our nature’s take over. We needn’t allow that to happen. We can continue to act and operate as beings of love and light in the world. We must.

A lottery winner was being interviewed on television the other day while accepting his big check and when he was asked what he was going to do now he said, “I’m going to do what I’ve always done. Trust God. Clean house. Help others.” I think I’m going to keep that one at the forefront of my thinking for awhile. My fellow friends of Bill know where it comes from (and so would anyone else whose curiosity is piqued enough to do a two second Google search) and it just seems quite appropriate right now.

Trust God. Clean house. Help others.

All is well.




I'm a writer living in Northern Colorado. I also help run the front of the house for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. I have two cool roommates and a snorey cat. I love my life.

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