About Dondi

Truth or fail? Let’s see…

-Dondi is an out-of-print comic strip that was syndicated between the 1950s and the 1980s featuring a WWII orphan boy from Italy who made his home in the American West.

-Dondi owns a Greek cat, a fully stocked rack of rock climbing gear, several pairs of Docs and Danskos and virtually lives in jeans.

-Dondi is an employee of the Fort Collins Bike Co-op and a freelance writer. She divides her spare time between cycling around, hanging out with friends and family IRL, and living on the Internet.





bike co-op





So of course they’re all true. The second two are true about me. Hi, I’m Dondi. Like “Gandhi” but with a “D” and probably wreaking of more havoc than Gandhi. Considerably more.

I am a freelance writer and I live in Northern Colorado with my Greek cat and two wonderful roommates. I hold one of the very few paid positions at the Fort Collins Bike Co-op, which is my favorite place in town. I own more jeans and Docs and Danskos than girly clothes and tend to think of my style as very Colorado: outdoorsy, kind of jock. I ride my bikes everywhere and enjoy free time cuddling with my cat and browsing around on the Internet and hanging out with wonderful people on occasion IRL. I am hugely into YouTubers like CGP Grey, the vlogbrothers, Veritasium, mental_floss, SoulPancake, SciShow, Crash Course, Vsauce and generally just great videocators. I love great blogs too, like Hyperbole and a Half.

The idea here is to write often. As often as I can. Also, I’m going to repost some of the posts I’ve posted to other blogs that will sadly probably fall out of maintenance now that I am working on really constructing this one like The Daily Page and Clambering About and Downward Dyno.

So Hello, Internet! as I am so terribly fond of hearing CGP Grey say. And for now, adieu.

2 comments on “About Dondi
  1. abimazumdar says:

    It’s good to see a fellow Nerdfighter and CGP Gray fan here. 🙂

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