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Many, many, MANY run-on sentences ahead, folks. I’ve been writing so much for IHI lately that I feel like I am losing some of my creativity, my grasp on writing anything other than articles I choose and are incredibly compelling

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Blogworthy pasta

It’s a testament to this pasta’s deliciousness that I have eaten all of it within 2 days of making it, am mourning that I have already enjoyed its last bites, and ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the

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Write Now

I don’t have any art on my walls right now, so I end up hanging sometimes odd things instead. I live in a very small room in a lovely house in southwest Fort Collins, Colorado, one of the most beautiful

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Why, Why Did I Ever Stop?

*reposted from “The Daily Page” on 12/30/2011, one of my other blogs… A complete lack of ability to stand up for myself combined with a jealous college boyfriend took my four-to-six-times-a-week swing nights to nil within a couple of months

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Hello, Internet!

I’ve posted on various blogs before; I felt like it was about time I took my writing into my own hands and actually made my own site. So, when I have some extra dollars to spare I will do so.

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