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Many, many, MANY run-on sentences ahead, folks. I’ve been writing so much for IHI lately that I feel like I am losing some of my creativity, my grasp on writing anything other than articles I choose and are incredibly compelling

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Dating Digressions…

I might go on a date tonight, so of course I am super insecure. I don’t know if I will or not. I “met” the guy online a few days ago and he seems nice, and asked if I’d like

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Valentine’s Day

I loathe Valentine’s Day. It’s a manufactured holiday that exists almost entirely because of Hallmark and Russell Stover. Also the conglomerate that is the cut flower industry. I haven’t celebrated it in years, and the last time I did so

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Sour Grapes

*reposted from my blog “The Daily Page” on 1/20/2013. “The phrase sour grapes is an expression originating from “The Fox and the Grapes,” one of Aesop’s Fables. It refers to pretending not to care for something one wants, but does

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